Raymond Krehn

Welcome to my personal site. I live with my wife and two sons in Highlands Ranch, CO and work in Product Management. I offer several services including custom websites, software, album covers, book covers, logos, and AI-generated art.

What I Do

Custom Website

Do you need code for your website like payment integration, administrative backend, inserting data, or blog? My specialty is coding websites either from scratch or adding on to pre-existing templates.

Custom Software

Can't find a solution that fits your business needs? What about saving time by eliminating repetitive tasks? I will work directly with your business to build the right software.

Webhosting and Management

I will host and manage your website for a monthly fee. The monthly fee includes security scans, support, troubleshooting, software updates (if you're using Wordpress, for example), custom reporting, and updates to any code to adhere to latest standards.

Custom AI Art

I have been at the forefront of custom AI Art. If there is artwork you want but don't want to pay an artist, then I can offer a decent price for artwork such as album covers, book covers, wall art, logos, card designs, etc.


$125 per hour
Custom Websites
Custom Software
Database Design
Album / Book Covers
$250 per request
Custom Album Covers
Custom Book Covers
Custom Logos
Custom Art
Pre-Designed Covers
$100 per item
1. Find One You Like
2. Select "Purchase"
3. Receive watermark-free version
4. Band logo and album name added for free